Video Production

There are 3 Steps to Video Production

  • Pre Production
  • Production
  • Post Production

Content Marketing includes Owned Media such as videos for a YouTube channel, Twitch, Facebook or Advertisements. For content creators, Video Production can become a very time consuming and tedious process. SnowCap Media specializes in video production and has helped content creators develop a brand to reach their target audience within various social media platforms. It’s not just about making videos either, understanding who your target audience is and how to use the platform to your benefit is part of the process. Knowing is Half the Battle: For example, understanding the YouTube algorithm to help promote content and using analytics to create videos that will reach your target audience is how to obtain those glorious play buttons.

Pre-Production is the first step in the video production process. In this step a content creator will plan on how to put the video together. This step includes writing a script, developing graphic concepts, and preparing for post-production.

Production is when the video is actually created. Filming a video requires camera, audio and lighting equipment with a focus on angles and locations or scenery to make the end product as appealing as possible.

Post-Production is the process after the production has been completed. During post-production a content creator will need to evaluate the video and audio then make sure the video has been recorded as planned. During post-production the video is edited, sound effects, visual effects, colors, audio enhancements, and sound design are put together to prepare the project for distribution.

SnowCap Media works with content creators every step of the way and can enhance the quality of content to appeal to your target audience.